Commercial products and services

For reliable commercial solar PV mounting systems, designed to last and outlive the life of a solar PV system, work with innovators of quality products delivered by experts.

Clenergy partners with you to help you deliver your project to cost and budget using an innovating product range, plus ease of installation.

  • Cost effective solutions 
  • Innovative products 
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Work with expert, skilled professionals
  • Built to last
  • 10 year warranty 
  • Designs that complement your existing building

Accreditation services for compliance

To deliver the best possible return on your investment, Clenergy offers a wide range of accreditation services to assess and prepare your site and project for mandatory and beneficial compliance standards.  

We help with the soil test, site inspection, layouting and engineering letter to design a fully compliant solution.

Expert service and support

Clenergy products are available in over 19 countries with offices in China, Australia, America, Japan and the UK allowing us to gather a wide range of experience internationally.  This helps us to give you the best in expert technical service and support.


To find out more about the most suitable PV mounting system for your commercial site, contact us.

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