EzTracker D Series

Distributed Horizontal Single-axis Tracking System

Clenergy EzTracker D series Tracking System adopts distributed actuation architecture, enabling each row to be independently controlled by its own motor with the tracking method “astronomical algorithm+closed loop control”.
EzTracker D series feature high stability with innovative double drive design and self-calibrating system. Compared with the fixed-tilt system, EzTracker D series can be expected to increase the power generation by up to 20% and enhance the power generation by 25%-30% if bifacial mono double glass modules are used.


Key Benefits

Higher Stability

Avoid the failure caused by torsional divergence and has good resistance to aeroelastic phenomena.


Irregular Site Adaptability

Adapt to big tolerance in N-S direction, and has no tolerance limits in E-W direction.


Lower Construction Cost

Offer wireless communication, self-powered supply option, and requires fewer piles in construction.


Easy Maintenance

Fewer potential failure points; Daily tracking calibration; No maintenance bearing.






Success Stories


Solar Tracker Project


Project Size: 37.5MW

Location: Vietnam


Project Size: 11MW

Location: Shangrao, Jiangxi, China


Project Size: 1MW

Location: Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China