PV-ezRack SolarTerrace II-H

Large-scale Utility and Power Plant Ground Mount Solution

The Clenergy STII-H is a ground mounting system with a piling solution for largescale utility and power plant projects. It is suitable for locations with medium and low wind loads. The combination of an aluminum alloy track and a (hot-dip galvanized) steel support frame delivers a robust and reliable system with excellent corrosion resistance.

Key Benefits

Quick and easy installation

Innovative easy-click rail fixing attachments and the patented omega-shaped clamp enable quick and easy installation.

Durable in harsh environments

Anodized aluminum and hot-dip galvanized steel parts make the system suitable for even the toughest of corrosive environments, such as coastal areas.

Variable tilt angles

Pre-engineered tilt angles facilitate a higher ground-coverage ratio based on site-specific conditions.






ER-DJ-14-(3).jpg  Delta Joint, with bolt hole Φ14

  Part No.: ER-DJ-14





ER-EC-OM50-(2).jpg  End Clamp, Omega

  Part No.: ER-EC-OM






  I147*75 Beam

  Part No.: ER-IB-147/75





ER-IC-OM48-50-(1).jpg  Inter Clamp, Omega

  Part No.: ER-IC-OM






  Post Brace for Rectangular Tube

  Part No.: ER-PB-STIIH





ER-PH-STIIH-15.jpg  Post Head for I-147*75 Beam

  Part No.: ER-PH-STIIH/15





ER-R-A80-4900-(1).jpg  A-rail 80

  Part No.: ER-R-A80





ER-R-C41-(1).jpg  C-steel 41*62

  Part No.: ER-R-C41/62





ER-RC-A-(1).jpg  Rail Clamp for A-Rail

  Part No.: ER-RC-A





ER-RT-40-25.jpg  Rectangular Tube 40*25

  Part No.: ER-RT-40/25





ER-SP-A80-(1).jpg  Splice for A-Rail 80

  Part No.: ER-SP-A80

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