PV-ezRack SolarTerrace III-B

Universal ground mount frame for corrosive environments and for tough soil conditions

PV-ezRack SolarTerrace III-B is an economical aluminum ground mounting system that is suitable for residential, commercial and large ground power stations in low wind speed regions. The product has good weather resistance thanks to the use of high-quality aluminum alloy components.

Key Benefits


The Patented A-Rail and Omega Clamps save cost by reducing material usage while guaranteeing system strength and durability.

Durable in Harsh Environments

The use of 6005-T5 aluminum alloy makes the solution suitable for even the toughest environments.

Easy Installation

Pole connectors with adjustable heights enable easy for Angle aluminum rod installation. Using the T-Rail clamps and A-Rails make installations easier. Installation efficiency is improved through the use of unique Omega clamp components.





ER-EC-Ω50.png  Module End Clamp, Omega series

  Part Number: ER-EC-OM





ER-IC-OM48-50.png  Module Inter Clamp, Omega series

  Part Number: ER-IC-OM





ER-SP-A80.png  PV-ezRack Splice for A-Rail 80

  Part Number: ER-SP-A80





ER-RC-T-Z2.png  Rail Clamp for T-Rail with Z-Module 2

  Part Number: ER-RC-T/Z2





ER-R-A80.png  PV-ezRack A-Rail 80

  Part Number: ER-R-A80





CO-P/SG-12/72.png  PV-ezRack Connector, Pole Ø65 to Square Girder 60 with bolt hole Ø12

  Part Number: CO-P/SG-12/72





CO-P/RT-65/AL.png  PV-ezRack Connector, Pole Ø65 to Rectangular Tube

  Part Number: CO-P/RT-65/AL





CO-P/RT-65/AL/B.png  PV-ezRack Connector, Pole Ø65 to Rectangular Tube (with Bushing)

  Part Number: CO-P/RT-65/AL/B





SG-60/3150.png  PV-ezRack Square Girder

  Part Number: SG-60/3150





ER-RT-65/40/1445.png  PV-ezRack Rectangular Tube 65*40*1445mm

  Part Number: ER-RT-65/40/1445





P-65.png  PV-ezRack Pole

  Part Number: P-65





ER-AA-50/3240/10.png  Angle Aluminum

  Part Number: ER-AA-50/3240/10





GS-76/4/16-F9.png  PV-ezRack Ground Screw Ø76*4.0*1600mm, with Three nut fixation and Continuous Small blade

  Part Number: GS-76/4/16-F9






AP-GS/76/65/2STS.png  PV-ezRack Accessory Package for Ø76 Ground Screw and pole 65 (with 2PCS Self- Tapping Screw)

  Part Number: AP-GS/76/65/2STS





AP-GS/76/65/PIN.png  Accessory Package for Ø76 Ground Screw and pole 65 (with hexagonal bolt M16*120)

  Part Number: AP-GS/76/65/PIN


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