PV-ezRack® SolarTripod Light

Pre-assembled Residential and Commercial Flat Roof Mounting System

The PV-ezRack SolarTripod Light with pre- assembled Supports, including pre-installed Rail Clamps, is an economical mounting system, which is suitable for residential and commercial flat roofs. It has one of the fastest installation speed in its class. This system is manufactured from structural grade aluminium alloy to ensure excellent corrosion resistance and light weight.

Key Benefits

Fast and Easy Installation

The Tripod Light supports are delivered with pre-set tilt angles, pre-assembled, which include the Rail Clamps pre-installed at the right position. This allows a quick and easy installation.

Cost Reduction

The combination of simple L-Shaped aluminium profiles with Z-Module channels in the support and the optimised ECO-Rail results in cost reduction without compromise in structural integrity.

Grounding/Earthing Function

The Rail clamps include the earthing pins, which provide continuity between rail and support. On the ECO-Rail the standard earthing clips and lugs can be used.

Universal Application

Standardised components are suitable for 60cell as well as for 72cell panels with the base length of 1350mm or 1700mm and with the tilt angle of 15°or 30°. Customised lengths and tit angles are available on order.




Inter Clamp, Standard

Part number: ER-IC-ST


End Clamp, Standard

Part number: ER-EC-ST


Rail Clamp for ECO-Rail with grounding/earthing pins

Part number: RC-ECO/G


Support for SolarTripod Light, single, with grounding Rail Clamp for ECO

Part number: S-TRIL-S/G


ECO Rail

Part number: ER-R-ECO



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