In order to reduce the wire connections between PV arrays and inverters, and for better maintenance and reliability of PV power generation system, a confluence device is usually needed. Based on years of design experiences, Clenergy developed ISCB series string
combiner box. ISCB series string combiner box collects the multiple DC outputs from solar panels. With this advantage, the front connections in inverters are greatly reduced. In addition, ISCB is able to enhance the efficiency, safety and reliability of the system by monitoring status of components’ output and providing system protection and fault alarm. By working with Clenergy grid connected inverters, the PV power generation system solution is completed and perfected.

Key Benefits

◆ Connect up to 16 strings of PV arrays at the same time
◆ Up to 1000VDC input voltage and maximum DC input current is 15A
◆ Each channel has a high precision sensor which detects input voltage and input current
◆ With high voltage fuse for PV system
◆ 100~1000VDC and 85~264VAC power supply optional
◆ Reverse current detection and SPD status detection
◆ Alarm for over-current, over-voltage, imbalance of current and SPD invalid
◆ Show the current, output voltage, address and the baud rate, easy to check
◆ RS485 interface, suit for remote data transmission
◆ Easy to set up the threshold value of over-current, over-voltage, imbalance of current and the baud rate
◆ Users can choose the configuration(Fuse, DC switch, Lightening arrester)
◆ Multiple power supply mode
◆ IP65 metal enclosure for outdoor installation
◆ Compact structure to occupy smaller space, easy to install


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